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No time to get fit? Nowhere to do it? No Excuses…


Cold and snowy outside? Here’s a video of me training, with kettlebells, in my kitchen!


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Shopping for after Christmas sales? The best buy ever starts with Y…


We got lots of useful beliefs, and tons of inspiration and motivation!

Too late, too old, not ready yet, not clever enough, too dear, too hard… what is your excuse for not setting out to get what you want in the new year?

Your ability to turn excuses into more useful beliefs will determine your success in 2010.

When you start to think more usefully, things will start to change for you.

When you think about the goals you want to achieve, you will feel differently about them. They will simply seem more doable.

Whatever it is that you want, whether you want a more successful career, better relationships, more money, love, a healthier and fitter body

You can have it when you get yourself in the right mindset, identify the skills you need to make it happen, and take consistent and focused action.

How can you do this? Well, here how you can get started…

Take a couple of minutes to write down all the negative things you usually tell yourself that have been keeping you from taking action in a particular area. Then turn this into more useful  beliefs.

For example: Getting a new job

Negative beliefs Useful  beliefs
– I am not good enough at public speaking

–  I am not a good sales person

–  I am not qualified enough for the job

–  I am not confident enough for the interview

– I can become better at public speaking by…

–  I can become a better sales person by…

– I can be more qualified for the job by…

– I can be more confident at the interview by…

The endings you choose for your “useful beliefs” statements, will give you an idea of the  skills you need to get better at.

Your objectives will seem more real and achievable once you have identified what  it is that you need to improve.

This is why the best investment you will make this year is in improving Yourself; getting the necessary skills  for you to achieve your goals more quickly and effortlessly.

Nothing will ever be as rewarding, long-lasting and good value for money. Talk about bargains!

One of my clients  was made redundant from her job this year and came to me for help.

We discussed a number of ideas, all of which she turned down. She said she was too old to start over. She is in her early sixties.

So we googled away, and this is a shortened list of what we found out:

  • Verdi composed his Ave Maria at age 85.
  • Harlan Sanders started Kentucky Fried Chicken at 65.
  • Ronald Reagan didn’t get into politics until he was 55.
  • Laura Ingalls Wilder (author of Little House on the Prairie) published her first book in her 60s.
  • Rodney Dangerfield didn’t start doing comedy until he was 45.
  • Cezanne’s most highly prized paintings were done in his 60s.
  • Alfred Hitchcock’s best films, including Vertigo and Psycho, were done in his late 50s and early 60s.

Not only was she shocked, but she was also deeply inspired.

After this, we worked together on turning her excuses into reasons why she wanted to start over doing something she loved.

Then we identified the skills she needed to acquire in order to do this, and we put together an action plan that worked for her.

She took action straight away, and to this day she emails me telling me how she feels happier and more accomplished than ever.

See, when it comes to personal accomplishment, as George Washington once said, ninety-nine per cent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.

So, remember, if you have things you want to achieve in the new year, quit making excuses and avail of the best special offer ever: The opportunity to improve yourself and the quality of your life.


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How to get more done with the time you have


TIME Management

Christmas is a busy time of the year for a lot of us. On top of our daily work and family commitments, we have parties to attend, presents to buy, dinners to prepare, trees to decorate…

What should be a relaxing and enjoyable time of the year spent in the company those we love, can sometimes seem like the most stressful time.

I coach clients who are trying to find a happy balance between career and family life, who tell me they dread the next few weeks because of the extra work load put on them.

Kate, one of my current clients, told me  the  time saving technique I am going to show you next is “the best thing since sliced bread” and that her life is a million times easier since having discovered it!

Start to use my “SIEVE IT WORKS” time saving technique right now, and allow yourself to fully enjoy this very special time of the year!

What I want you to do now is grab pen and paper and write your “TO DO”  list for today. Once you have done this, I want you to “sieve” every single task on your list by answering the following questions:


If it has a deadline, a set date and time it needs to get done by, then write “Urgent” beside this activity.

Urgent activities may include work projects, meetings, doctor appointments…


If getting this done is important to you and of benefit to you and your life in the long term, then write “Important” beside this task.

If doing this makes you happy, for example, making sure you eat healthy meals, or getting an exercise session done, or reading a chapter of your favourite book…


Are you the only person who can get this done, or can you delegate?

Whether it is a work task or a home chore, allow other people to help you. Provide guidelines on how to get the task done and tell them the result you expect.

Even if the result is not up to your standards, be ok with it being “good enough”. So, if you can delegate, write “Delegate” beside the task.


If it is a “time waster”, just cross it off your list.

Time wasting activities can be: tv, the internet, video games, emails, some telephone calls…

You now have a list of tasks with the words “Urgent”, “Important”, “Delegate” beside them.You may also have some tasks completely crossed off your list.

Now, whether you want to use your diary, your outlook calendar, or whether you want to produce your own excel schedule, allocate time for your urgent activities and important activities for today, giving yourself some extra time (20-30 mins) .

For example, if you think a meeting should take 20 mins, allocate 40 minutes for it on your diary. This is to account for interruptions and/or delays. And if it actually takes 20 mins, you will have some extra time afterwards to relax or to  get started on your next task.

Also, make sure you delegate those  things you wrote “Delegate” beside. Whether you can do this straight away, or you have to wait until later in the day, make a note of it on your diary too, as a reminder.

At the end of today, refer back to your diary and tick off all the activities that got done with your favourite color marker. Don’t be surprised if you get a sense of accomplishment and even self pride.

Do the same thing tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day…!

Please let me know when you’ve put this technique into practice and how well it is working for you.

Talk again soon!


How to say no – 3 simple tips that can change your life


Saying NO

Not now...

If your life is hectic, if you are so up to your ears in work and home commitments that you can’t even think straight. If paperwork, meetings and projects keep piling up,  and you feel like you can’t cope, then you may need to learn to say no.

If you spend most of your time doing things for others and forget to take care of yourself, then your self -esteem and confidence may be suffering as a result.

Learning to say NO at the right time and in the right manner can literally turn around your life.

Not so long ago I coached a successful entrepreneur, whose life was in a right mess. Her business was doing well despite the recession, but her marriage was in tatters, she barely got to see her kids, she couldn’t sleep at night and during the day her head was all over the place.

She was always late for appointments and meetings yet she kept scheduling more  and more into her diary. She said yes to everyone and everything. Except her husband, her kids and herself.

She was a perfectionist who thought no one could get things done as well as she could, and so she took on a ridiculous work load. She had people working for her but she did her job and everyone else’s too. Yet she was unknowingly neglecting her family, and her own physical and mental health were a time bomb about to explode.

This superwoman broke down in tears on our first session when she realized that she was destroying the most important things in her life: her family, and herself! What would her family do if something happened to her as a result of all the stress she put herself under?

Then, I introduced her to the word NO. At first she had trouble saying it. She thought if she said no to people,  theywould think she was rude or selfish. She was shocked to learn that  when you say no assertively and in the right manner, people actually respect you more.

When I taught her different ways to say no to people respectfully and gracefully, her face lit up like she’d just found out a treasure! After just a few weeks of putting these into practice, especially in her business, she had transformed into a completely new, more confident, more relaxed and happier person. In our coaching sessions, she  also learnt how to run her business more effectively, so she was able to spend more time with her family. And she was loving it too!

Here is 3 simple ways to say no  that completely turned around my client’s life for the better:


For example: I can’t attend that meeting because I promised my kids I’d take them to the cinema tonight.  It is                                          not esssential that I attend that meeting as I can sort that issue over the phone tomorrow.


For example: I am sorry. I can’t take this call right now. But I will call them later/ email them later/ get                                           my secretary to call them

  • NO + DELAY

For example: Let me think about it and i will get back to you in 5 minutes (this will buy you time so you can

decide if what you are asked to do is actually important for you right now or if you want to say no.

There are many other ways  in which you can allow yourself to say no and make it work for you and for others too.

When you take time to decide what your priorities are in life and you choose to stick by your decision, you will find it easier and even liberating to say no when necessary.

But like everything else in life, the more you practise the better you become at it!