About Us

Anna Aparicio is Director of Delite Life Solutions. She is an IINLP Accredited Life&Business Coach and a Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP.

With a varied corporate background as well as extensive experience in the Health and Fitness industry,  Anna follows the principle that health plays an important part in creating lasting change in many areas  in  life.

“A healthy body means a healthy mind. When you are healthy your thoughts tend to be healthier too. You feel good and so you think more clearly and resourcefully. You make better decisions, more easily and confidently. As a consequence, you get better results in many areas in life”.

Anna not only has the experience and the knowledge, but she practices what she preaches too! When you become a follower of her Delite Blog you can find out what she does to keep in tip top physical and mental shape.

Having dramatically changed her own life, now she is committed to helping you transform your life.

Anna has trained with Owen Fitzpatrick and Brian Colbert, two of the best speakers in the world in the field of NLP and life improvement. With their help and mentorship she has become an expert at educating individuals on how to access the power of their mind to create miracles in their lives.

With a unique cocktail of knowledge, experience, a great sense of humour and empathy, she has the ability to create massive changes, fast.

As well as providing one-to-one coaching and group coaching, she also teaches workshops on life improvement.

Now you can get her new Report “Why you’ll never get what you want unless you do this” when you visit http://www.delite.ie

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  1. fran Says:

    how much do you charge for a session regards fran

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