Getting fired up

Thanks to everyone to took part in the Superfastfitness Camp last night.

Even through all the grunting and swearing… I personally had a great time!

I have the feeling this group is going to be a lot of fun to train with, and this really excites me.

During the next few weeks, we are going to sweat with each other, push each other, compete against each other,laugh with each other… and get amazingly fit together!

Even though I am already stiff and I know the infamous post workout pains will develop more as the day goes by, I can’t wait for Wednesday. Does this make me a martyr?

Well, maybe… but a happy fit martyr.

My clients and friends often ask me how I motivate myself.

All I have to do is think about last night’s fun, and anticipate Wednesday’s fun.

This is how quickly and easily I get motivated! Notice I focus on the fun part?

Yes, it’s tough, it’s challenging, it’s painful, it makes me gasp for air and sick in my stomach…

Afterwards, my whole body is so shaky, I can barely walk or even make sense. I am like an autumnal leaf falling from a tree.

But I know how good I looked and felt last summer, when I got to under 14% body fat, and was healthier, more toned and fit I have ever been. I have photographic evidence. Not only in a folder in my computer, but also stored in my mind’s “Success Files”.

I did it last year, and I will do it again.

Thinking about it now gets me so fired up I can barely stay on the chair and finish writing this post.

I have just generated tons of energy in a matter of seconds!

What do you do to get yourself fired up?


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