From big to slim

For years I have coached many clients with food issues.

I have helped people get rid of food cravings, stop overeating, become comfortable and disciplined around food. I have also helped people with eating disorders.

During our sessions many clients manage to come up with an array of colourful excuses as to why they have been behaving the way they have around food.

They point at me and say “well, it’s easy for you, you are slim” or “If I had your body type…”.

I find it funny when they imply that I was somehow born this way, when in fact if you saw pictures of me as a baby, let me tell you, I had more rolls on my body than the Michelin man.

To this day my mum likes to remind me that whenever she cooked steak, she’d cut it into tiny pieces for me, she’d also cut off the fat and push it to the side of the plate. Well, I ate the fat and left the steak.

Chocolate, sweets, bread? Apparently I couldn’t get enough of them! My body type then was, ironically, a full apple.

I  was always bigger than my friends, but I never realised it, until I did.

During my teens I went through an anorexic period that left me so frail I wasn’t able to go up more than ten stairs at a time without panting for breath. At 5’6’’ and 45kgs, I looked and felt a wreck, but when I looked in the mirror, I saw fat.

In my twenties I started to bodybuild. Through exercise, nutrition and supplementation, I went up to 65kgs, and looked bulky and muscly. I loved it back then.

In my early thirties, I decided to get healthy.

Properly healthy. I wanted to sleep like a log at night, have tons of energy, feel relaxed and good about myself and life. I  didn’t care anymore what my body looked like as long as I felt great.

A lifetime of over exercising and dieting had left me feeling like a living dead person.

Today I not only feel great, but I look better than I ever did. I feel healthy inside and out, strong physically and mentally, and in control of my life.

The thing is, I exercise less than I  ever did. Harder, but less.

I probably eat more than I ever did too.  A lot of the right foods. And boy am I loving it!

Am I any different to any of my clients, or to you? I am no superwoman. I have a lot of the same challenges.

What I do have is the strategies to overcome these. And I implement them day in and day out very effectively.

As you can see, I have been on my own little rollercoaster ride!

I believe this is why I have been able to help so many people succeed with their health and fitness goals. Because I have been there myself.

This is my story, what is yours?


PS: If you want to know how I stay in shape click this link:

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