Want success? Then you need to fail more

Last week I  attended a webinar given by legendary  personal and professional development speaker Brian Tracy.

As he spoke from the States, his webinar started at 11pm Irish time and, even though it went on for an hour an a half and I had to get up early the following day, there is no way I was going to miss it!

When Brian speaks you have no choice but to listen and trust his words implicitly.

Brian has helped thousands of people around the world achieve personal and professional success.

He spoke about his own journey, and about how if you want to be successful in life, whatever success means for you, you need to get more comfortable with failure.

He said successful people make more mistakes than less successful people because they take more risks. And taking more risks involves more chances for failure.

These people are not different to you or me, they simply refuse to focus on things that make them feel fearful.

They shift their focus to everything around them that is going well, and everything that can go well.

Fear of failure paralyzes people and they start to think things like “I Can’t” or “I won’t be able to”, which is a lifetime recipe for failure.

But as you know, when you work out, you get stronger. When you learn new things, you get smarter.

And  when you make mistakes, you get more successful. All you have to do is learn from your mistakes and try a new approach.

If you fall, make sure you fall forward, so when you get up you are closer to your goal.

Brian’s recipe for success?

Get started, and never ever quit!

Find out how you too can learn to re-program your mind for success. Vanish fears in an instant, and start to think like a successful person!

Download my new Report “WHY YOU’LL NEVER GET WHAT YOU WANT UNLESS YOU DO THIS” at http://www.delite.ie

Happy Christmas!


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