How to survive Christmas without piling on the pounds!

And believe it or not, you can do it! I am bringing you exclusive advice from Top Fitness Expert ( and lovely husband of mine)¬† John O’Connell, of

As you know, I only post information I truly believe in and practice myself.

This information is usually only available to Super Fast Fitness Camps members, but John has kindly agreed to share it with us.

Follow his tips on how to survive Christmas  without piling on the pounds, and start the new year light as a feather!


I’ve known for a while that on Saturday I’ll be going out for the rugby match and will end up drinking and eating too much. So last weekend I stayed in (good for the pocket too) and I’ll do the same next weekend. That way the ‘damage’ I do on Saturday won’t be as great.

I presume you know when your major events are: Christmas eve? Christmas Day? Office Party?

So put some damage prevention in place and for the week/s leading up to them. Follow a plan that will see you shedding fat. Eat low carb foods, train 3-4 times a week, get plenty of sleep and hydration.

Then when party time comes enjoy yourself GUILT FREE! You’ve worked hard so now enjoy yourself. The get back on track till the next one.


Ok you can’t do this for all parties but for some you can.

Eat a nutritious meal just before you go and then you won’t be hungry. You’ll be a lot stronger resisting those snacks than if you hadn’t eaten all day. Which by the way is one of the worst things you could do. Ladies are the worst for this.

They think that by starving themselves they can then binge and won’t do any harm.

Well your body is way too smart for this. Once you’ve eaten what your body can handle (roughly 300-700 calories per meal) the rest will be stored as fat.

That’s one of the reasons why I advocate eating small meals every 3-4 hrs. You don’t get hungry and you don’t over eat!


I see a lot of people picking at the plates of food at parties.

They think ‘I’ll just have one’ but the reality is they think that 20 times!

If you are going to eat at the party then get a plate and put what you want to eat on it. Eat what’s on the plate and then you are done, no more food.


Hangovers suck and I hate them. That’s why I don’t drink that often. I can’t stand being hungover and having no energy.

However when I know I’m going out and will presumably be feeling worse for wear the following day I will make sure I have food prepared to eat reasonably well the next day.

I also must have a couple of bottles of water at hand to rehydrate myself too.

My favourite hangover food is roast chicken. Simply to cook the previous day and I can munch on that to get me through my hangover. Much nicer than a tuna salad!


The most powerful thing you can do is train BEFORE you party.

I know most would think about training after and trying to burn off the excess but training before is way more powerful.

You’ll raise your metabolism which means you’re body can handle more sugar and calories for a good few hours after.

The more weights and metabolic resistance training you do the longer the metabolic surge will last. Just make sure it’s intense!

And remember that the mind plays a huge part in this too.

If you are one one of those people who believes that no matter what, you are going to put on weight during Christmas and there is just nothing you can do about it, then think again.

Instead of doing anything to prove to yourself that thought is true, which we all know is not… how about proving it wrong this year?

How about we all follow John’s tips and get ready to be pleasantly surprised?

As always, feel free to post your comments and other tips you may have to make this Christmas a healthy and happy time for everyone.


To eat or not to eat..?

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