Life coaching – 7 tips on how to choose your coach

More and more people  are hiring a Life Coach, like me, to help them improve different aspects of their lives. Whether you want a more successful career, better relationships, a fitter body… finding the right mentor can help you get what you want and even exceed your expectations.

After years of experience and many success stories, here is what I, personally, recommend you look for in your coach so you can get the most out of the experience:

1- Look for a certified and accredited coach.

While I don’t have my certificates on display in my office, I do show  my accreditation logo on my website, and you can refer to The Irish Institute of NLP  “NLP Coaches” section, where you will find me listed.

However, it is important you note that a certificate does not automatically make someone a good coach. And in all my years as a coach not one of my clients has ever asked me to show them my certs.

2 – Experience counts, and results count more.

Look for real testimonials and success stories. Thanks to mine, most of my clients come to me referred by current or past clients who have achieved results that surpassed their expectations.

3 – Talk to your potential coach before you make an appointment.

And I don’t mean by email. Before I make an appointment with you I will call you and spend a good twenty minutes finding out if you are right for me, and also if I am right for you.

Because I only take a limited amount of new clients every month, this screening process allows me to know if we connect as people, and also if you have the right attitude and are ready to do what it takes in order to get the results you want.

I assure you any questions you may have will be answered before you decide to book your coaching programme.

4 – Although life coaching can help you in a variety of areas in your life, most coaches have a specialty.

For instance, I can coach you in areas such as: time management, confidence, motivation, business goals, smoking cessation, fear and phobias, etc…

And due to my background in the Health & Fitness industry, I am passionate about helping you get healthier and fitter. So, I my specialty is stress management, weight loss goals, motivation, and craving busting.

My mission is to help you achieve your goals in these areas in record time.

5 – Your coach should walk the talk.

You coach should ont only be super passionate about helping you, but also walk the talk!

One of the main keys to my success as a coach is that I practice what I preach. And I am committed to constantly improving my skills so I can provide you with the most up to date and effective  nlp and life improvement tools so you can get even better results, faster.

Would you hire a personal trainer who looked less than amazing? I know I wouldn’t… So, whatever you coach’s specialty is, look for evidence.

6 – Find out what your coaching programme involves before you make your decision.

Cheaper does not equal better, and vice versa. However, make sure you find out what you are going to get for your money before you commit.

In my case, although I do offer individual coaching sessions, my most popular package is my 4 session coaching programme. This involves 4 one and a half hour-long sessions,  unlimited email support, access to my Delite Blog, free reports and articles, and discounts on a variety of things, such as future coaching sessions, products, seminars, webinars, etc…

What is getting what you want worth to you?

7 – Nice does not necessarily equal good.

One of my clients once said to me “You are not nice, but you are good!”.

I take this as a compliment. Even though I actually happen to be a nice person, my main objective is to help you get what you want, at all costs.

This means you may be challenged and may have to get out of your comfort zone. Sometimes it means tears, sometimes it means laughter… ultimately,  it means you get what you want.

I hope these tips help and as always, your comments are more than welcome!



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