Cravings no more!

Yummy apple!

Whether you have a soft spot for chocolate, salty stuff, take-aways or other… how hard  do you find  giving these up solely on will power?

Have you ever wondered why this is?


Well, a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to have a chat with world leading nutrition expert, Phil Richards.

When you read my post “Looking Inside” , you can find out what happened when he examined my live blood.

I found this experience fascinating. I learnt that if your blood is not healthy, your cells get diseased and often grow a type of yeast that is hungry for crap food.

You know when you get those uncontrollable cravings that make you do just about anything to get the foods you crave? Well, It’s not you going crazy. It’s your blood cells!

Using NLP techniques, I often help people get rid of life long cravings in as little as one session.

My clients tell me they have tried everything in their power to stop eating these harmful foods without success. Yet, 90 minutes later things have changed. They tell me they feel different. That they can’t put their finger on it, but that something has happened within them.

The proof is in the pudding though (how ironic!), and it’s usually after 4 weeks or so that I get an email saying they are absolutely amazed and that they haven’t had any bad foods at all since.

They tell me they are delighted, they feel healthier and fitter than ever, they have lots of energy, and they are generally happier.

As a result of our sessions, they have been eating healthy foods and exercising and they don’t have cravings any more.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that during that 4 week period they have been living healthily, their blood has also been getting healthy, and the yeasty aliens have probably shrunk or completely disappeared!

How cool is this?

What I have achieved with many of my clients is short of miraculous and sometimes I am as shocked as them!  Just read Elaine’s amazing success story at:

If she did it, so can you!

Anna 🙂

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