Let music lift you up!

Music has always been a huge part of my life. I believe in the amazing power of music: music can heal a broken heart, it can bring people together, it can make us dance like no one is watching, it can can make us jump like crazy… it can also bring back memories of the best moments of our lives.

When I was little my dad used to play tapes of classical spanish singers on long car journeys. Us kids used to sing in the car until we fell asleep with exhaustion. Later on, at about 10 years of age, I discovered Michael Jackson, and Tina Turner. I was completely in awe of them. Even though I couldn’t speak English at the time, I learnt the lyrics to many songs by writing what I heard down on a piece of paper and memorising it.

At age 16 I joined a heavy metal band as a singer and guitar player. We played concerts and even recorded a demo tape. I loved getting immersed in the music, and for a long time it was my whole life.

In my twenties, as a fitness trainer, there was nothing I enjoyed more than teaching an exercise class to the right music and getting everyone involved and loving it.

Now, I sing mostly in the shower, and my taste in music is infinitely wider. But still, nothing lifts me up like a good tune! And this one by young Tinchy Strider and N’Dubz is of my latest favourites!

Whether I want to get motivated as a coach, for a training session or for a night out, I can always count on music!

What are your favourite tunes and why?


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