Looking Inside

Healthy Live Blood Hi everyone!

As you know, I like to keep healthy and fit. I firmly believe that physical health translates into mental health.

Fortunately, I was lucky enough to meet Phil Richards last week.

He is a world class Strength, Conditioning and Nutrition expert, who has worked with many well known athletes.

He was in Dublin teaching a seminar and came to my house to read my blood. Oh yes!

Let me share what was one of the best experiences of my life with you.

I didn’t really know what to expect. I though I was going to have a blood test done, and I am not a fan of those…
However, it turned out to be one of the coolest things ever!

He pin pricked my finger and took a few samples. He said one would show what is going on now in my body, and other samples of “dry blood” would show what has been happening for the past few years and up to now.

I had a feeling that he would find something wrong with my hormones, for some reason. I also thought that many years of asthma medication would have probably had a negative effect on my body.

He put the samples in his microscope and I had a look at his computer screen as he explained what he saw. I saw my red blood cells and my white cells with my own eyes!
Fortunately, my blood was very much alive and well! I was delighted and kind of proud of myself for taking care of myself so well!

The only thing he mentioned is that I need to take minerals on top of everything else I am already doing. And that is exactly what I am going to do, like asap. Phil said as soon as I start taking them I am going to feel and perform even better on so many levels!

It was amazing to discover that, even though you may think you are well and fit, when you have a look inside… you might find out you are in fact quite far from it. I can keep training hard now, knowing that I am healthy and well.

I know Phil will be back in Dublin in January. If you get the chance to have a look at your blood, take it!

Phil’s site is: http://www.enhancinglifesjourney.co.uk

Talk soon!


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